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There are a number of reasons that your laptop may be running slow.

  • Simply not enough processor speed for the application load that you wish to run
  • Insufficient memory to support the applications you wish to have open at one time
  • You may need a faster video card if you are a gamer or view a lot of graphics
  • For internet browsing you may need a faster internet service provider bandwidth.
  • You may have adware or malware problems
  • Perhaps you need a faster harddrive

You really have to take time to do a little diagnosis of what you are actually doing when your system seems slow.

Is it simply at windws startup? Is it when you are surfing the net? Has it gotten slower and slower over time?

Once you have identified when you system is slow then you can take the right steps to improve the performace of your laptop or computer. You may can simply upgrade your memory to speed up your system. If your system has gotten slower and slower over time then you may have adware/malware and a clogged registry and simply cleaning these items will improve your laptop speed.



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